Saturday, 20 August 2011

Creative cards

Some of my makes this week, hope you like!

Sleeping Beauties

Just a taster of book two!!!

Sleeping beauties

What would happen if all the clocks stopped? What if everyone fell asleep and no one would wake for 100 years?  Would you leave them too it?  Would you take whatever your heart desired? … or, would you try to wake them up?
Anna and Hobbs find the Citydome of Sundor asleep, and in order to wake it up they need to find a prince and a princess. 
The Prince Rodney is vain and selfish, with no aspirations what so ever in leaving his bachelor palace and his hordes of screaming fans, especially to traipse around looking for a princess he never heard of. 
What of the princess? Well she was kidnapped before the disaster, and anyone who knows where she might be is asleep, all they have is a magazine cutting and a huge silent city to explore.
Anna and Hobbs really have their work cut out for them, they have so much to do, and apparently all the time in the world.  

I am now a published author! Yeah!!!

I am so unbelievably excitied!!! I have eventually managed to get a 10 year project realised and now I have a book published! It may be self published  but I can still physically hold it! yeah! I have also begun the process of getting it available to buy by download for the kindle which is doubly exciting!
If you lovely followers wish to buy a copy I have posted a link for Lulu, but to warn postage costs are large so you could always message me and I can get a little cheaper! Lulu is also offering a 25% discount on my book at the mo so that's good!
Here is a brief synopsis ~

‘The Tunnels of Beldgare’ is a comic fantasy about a young girl called Anna.  Anna is an Outie, a social outcast, born into a world of lawlessness and torrential weather, and into a house with her obsessive mother and annoying brother.
Once a year, Outies can visit the main city to find employment, their only escape from their underprivileged life.  Here Anna encounters a mysterious woman who gives her a strange casket.  She also meets a boy called Hobbs, an unsuccessful magik and mildly useless thief, and adopts a downsized, temperamental dragon called Blinkin.  Between them they stumble upon a snoring door, the doorway to the tunnels of Beldgare.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

posts updated

Just updated my Jenny Cole Jewellery page and added Treasured memories page on here.  Please feel free to have a browse and make a comment or too!

Treasured memories is my scrapbooking page, it is full of photos of some of the works I have done in cluding one or two commisions!

Upcycled plastic bags

This totally yummy necklace is made from upcycling plastic carrier bags! I am so thrilled with it.  The only problem I see is that coloured bags aren't that easy to come by and surly it contradicts the whole idea of recycling if you buy a product purly to get the bag!  All the same I shall appriciate this one and make the most out of the bags I have! (no one would really want an upcycled tesco carrier bag draped round their neck!!! lol I think I must do some intensive research in order to find a way to make some carrier bags more attractive!)

I have also done yet another bottle braclet! this one in grey and black is great, something which will go with anything!!!