Thursday, 8 May 2014

New Home! Yeah!

Well it has come the time to reduce the amount of blogs I run and keep it to just the one!  So why not pop over to my new blog and say hi!  There are all sorts of free, no nonsense tutorials and info about workshops and idea.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Craftseller free papers challenge

Well I thought I would set myself an Easter challenge.  I was given a subscription to Craftseller (a fantastic mag) for Christmas and this months issue came with some lovely free papers.  So rather than stashing them away for a rainy day I decided to challenge myself to see how many projects I could create with the papers.  Here is a picture of the things I have made so far.  Believe it or not there is plenty of paper left to create some more things!

I created a flower exploding box card, a 5" smash book, a mini book and a photo box!

This mini book uses one peace of 6"x12"  paper.  I have used thin card to make the cover, then covered with one of the lovely papers.

This little box comprises of two oragami folded boxes hinged together.  There is a magnetic strip around it.

Once opened ...

... there is a concertina mini photo album!

Here is the smash book I made.

Some pages contain tabs.  

There are even some little pockets!

Well what do you think??? I loved this challenge and has been a lovely way to spend a few hours!

I wonder what else I could make with the left overs?!?


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A Craftea Afternoon

Well the sun was shining and the door flung wide for our Craf-tea afternoon.  The wind didn't enable us to enjoy it outdoors unfortunately but we still had great fun.  Today we made Easter Baskets and Easy Peasy boxes! Not to mention eating cake and drinking tea! (it's amazing what you can do in two hours!)
Here are some photos, they seem a bit dark i'm afraid, as despite the sun, the shades I had put up outside cast quite a shadow.

Some of the creative chaos...

... but look what we made!

Thank you so much girls for coming along.  Hope the bingo winners enjoy their kits!

Sunday, 13 April 2014


I am really loving these exploding boxes!  Here is another exploding experiment. 

Inside the innocent looking box is ...

...another little box and inside...


This exploding box has 8 opening layers, each one is rotated slightly to add an interesting effect!  The box in the middle could reveal an Easter treat! Maybe a chick or a small egg! Mmmmmm  (there isn't one here because if I bought one I would more than likely eat it before it got to having its photo taken!) 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Latest crafty endeavours!

Well the creative juices have been flowing in our house today and being that it is the school holidays I have had a very willing assistant.  Today's task was to create as few different samples for upcoming workshops!  I think I have unleashed a demon in the process however.... paper creations everywhere!

Exploding Photo box

Inside the box are a selection of pages to flip forward and back, each containing photos or journalling.

6"x 6" variety boxes

Each of these three boxes are created using the same 6" x 6" card stock!  Just to show you the variety of sizes that can be created when you start with the same size card.

Small accordion photo box

Take off the lid ...

Open the sides to reveal two tabs ...

Pull them out to reveal an accordion photo album in each half!

There will be more coming soon I expect so keep checking back for more!!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Exploding Boxes!

Well I have been slowly preparing another workshop!  It isn't quite ready to test on willing crafters but here is a preview of some of the exploding boxes I have made!

Here is an unexploded, exploding box!  You lift the lid off and ....

The inside pings open to reveal a bunch of flowers.

This exploded box contains a 3D Christmas tree.

I do have a few more ideas for a few other designs so  watch this space and don't forget if you are Dorset  based and wish to book a workshop please don't hesitate to contact me.

Monday, 24 March 2014

More Handbags at dawn!

Here are the latest wonderful creations from the WI.  Such creativity!

Thank you ladies for a lovely workshop.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Latest Crafty Workshop!

This Monday I was invited by the lovely Wimborne WI to demonstrate how to make 'Handbags and Manbags' and 'Origami Easter baskets'!  Was such a lovely time.  Here are their wonderful creations! 

Some very creative bags.  My favourite part of any workshop is watching all that creativity evolve.
Here are a few baskets I made in preparation for the workshop.

Just so you know ... The cream eggs didn't survive the journey!  (actually they never made it to that day!)
These little baskets are so easy and fun! I have made a few kits for people to buy so they can make their own.  Kits contains enough papers and cut flowers to make 2 bags! Oh and instructions of course!

Well another workshop booked for next week, hopefully this will go just as well.

Thank you Wimborne WI for a lovely afternoon.