Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Latest Crafty Workshop!

This Monday I was invited by the lovely Wimborne WI to demonstrate how to make 'Handbags and Manbags' and 'Origami Easter baskets'!  Was such a lovely time.  Here are their wonderful creations! 

Some very creative bags.  My favourite part of any workshop is watching all that creativity evolve.
Here are a few baskets I made in preparation for the workshop.

Just so you know ... The cream eggs didn't survive the journey!  (actually they never made it to that day!)
These little baskets are so easy and fun! I have made a few kits for people to buy so they can make their own.  Kits contains enough papers and cut flowers to make 2 bags! Oh and instructions of course!

Well another workshop booked for next week, hopefully this will go just as well.

Thank you Wimborne WI for a lovely afternoon.

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