Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Second Edition of my book now available!
There are some plot changes and now as it is available in paperback the cost is much lower, it is still cheaper to buy through me however and if you want it signed or dedicated then that is the way to go!
If you have read my book already I would love to hear your feedback!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Goodies

Goodie Handbags

These adorable little handbags are ideal to fill with treat sized sweets for your little ones to give to their teachers this Christmas.

Each bag is £2.00 each and comes with a small card.

Christmas cards

These three cards are 15x15cm and each one has a raised embellishment.  Each card is individual and hand stamped and coloured.
Each card is £2.00 each

Mini Christmas Cards

These five mini cards are totally adorable and can be bought individually or in a pack of five.

Each car £1.20 each or 5 for £5.00

Round Robins Christmas Cards

Each card sports a different Robin theme.

Each Robin card £2.00

If you would like to purchase any of my Christmas goodies then please contact me, the sooner the better as far as getting orders out to you in time.  

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Creative cards

Some of my makes this week, hope you like!

Sleeping Beauties

Just a taster of book two!!!

Sleeping beauties

What would happen if all the clocks stopped? What if everyone fell asleep and no one would wake for 100 years?  Would you leave them too it?  Would you take whatever your heart desired? … or, would you try to wake them up?
Anna and Hobbs find the Citydome of Sundor asleep, and in order to wake it up they need to find a prince and a princess. 
The Prince Rodney is vain and selfish, with no aspirations what so ever in leaving his bachelor palace and his hordes of screaming fans, especially to traipse around looking for a princess he never heard of. 
What of the princess? Well she was kidnapped before the disaster, and anyone who knows where she might be is asleep, all they have is a magazine cutting and a huge silent city to explore.
Anna and Hobbs really have their work cut out for them, they have so much to do, and apparently all the time in the world.  

I am now a published author! Yeah!!!

I am so unbelievably excitied!!! I have eventually managed to get a 10 year project realised and now I have a book published! It may be self published  but I can still physically hold it! yeah! I have also begun the process of getting it available to buy by download for the kindle which is doubly exciting!
If you lovely followers wish to buy a copy I have posted a link for Lulu, but to warn postage costs are large so you could always message me and I can get a little cheaper! Lulu is also offering a 25% discount on my book at the mo so that's good!
Here is a brief synopsis ~

‘The Tunnels of Beldgare’ is a comic fantasy about a young girl called Anna.  Anna is an Outie, a social outcast, born into a world of lawlessness and torrential weather, and into a house with her obsessive mother and annoying brother.
Once a year, Outies can visit the main city to find employment, their only escape from their underprivileged life.  Here Anna encounters a mysterious woman who gives her a strange casket.  She also meets a boy called Hobbs, an unsuccessful magik and mildly useless thief, and adopts a downsized, temperamental dragon called Blinkin.  Between them they stumble upon a snoring door, the doorway to the tunnels of Beldgare.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

posts updated

Just updated my Jenny Cole Jewellery page and added Treasured memories page on here.  Please feel free to have a browse and make a comment or too!

Treasured memories is my scrapbooking page, it is full of photos of some of the works I have done in cluding one or two commisions!

Upcycled plastic bags

This totally yummy necklace is made from upcycling plastic carrier bags! I am so thrilled with it.  The only problem I see is that coloured bags aren't that easy to come by and surly it contradicts the whole idea of recycling if you buy a product purly to get the bag!  All the same I shall appriciate this one and make the most out of the bags I have! (no one would really want an upcycled tesco carrier bag draped round their neck!!! lol I think I must do some intensive research in order to find a way to make some carrier bags more attractive!)

I have also done yet another bottle braclet! this one in grey and black is great, something which will go with anything!!!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Brand new bottle Jewellery!

Well here is a purple set, braclet and earrings and a necklace!

I just can't believe how pretty these things are!

Friday, 29 July 2011

I think it's all over .... now for the next step!

Well I have been so totally inspired by using my recycling to create jewellery that I now look at everything in a different light! Well recycling wise that is!  I learnt this week also that I am not recycling (silly me!!) but I am actually Upcycling! well who would have guessed!
Anyway I hope you like my latest creation! This is made from plastic bottles.

I must admit this braclet turned out far better than I thought and is incredibly comfortable to wear.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crafty Kids is now live!!!!

Well I have just started posting on my new blog just for kids and parents who want a few ideas of things to do over the holidays!

I would love to hear some of your ideas as well as pictures of things you have done so I can post them!

Happy crafting one and all!

Jen xx

Friday, 22 July 2011

recycling challenge! yes there are more!!!!!

Recycling challenge ~ yes even more!!!! I am becoming addicted I think!! I have made an orange/red one and a purple bracelet to add to my collection!!!! hopefully a green and blue one will follow later!!

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, I fortell a further day of chaos for me!!!

Oh almost forgot, I made this the other evening too, green flowers.  There are earrings to match but apparently my upload option on here is feeling a little under the weather as it keeps rotating the pics! will try again later!  Unless of course you want to stand on your head to see them!!!

Bye for now!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Dear Miss Crafty!

Hi there Bloggers and my wonderful email supporters! I have recieved a couple of emails which are to be shared! so modesty in hand here is the first one!!! (or rather this is the last one I got! there is method in my madness honestly!)

Dear miss crafty
Your items are fantastic and so well made, did you know that your blogs always come thru at 3 30am! I usless fact but I thought most interesting.
keep up good crafting ideas! Jane

Dear Jane!
I would like to say I am up at 3.30 making all sorts of creations and posting them on blogger But ... I am fast asleep! I am far from creative if I get no sleep, infact I am extremily uncreative and zombie like! but I am incredibly glad the email subscription gadget works!!!!!
I am thrilled you love my makes! Thank you so much for your support!
Happy crafting! Jen xxx

The First email I got from the lovely Jane is something which has provoked a lot of thought! even as I have been pootling round the countryside today my inspiration has been whiring at a tremendous pace!  first off here is the email!!!!

Dear all things crafty
Please could you help me? I need some ideas for affordable crafting fun for two ten year old boys during the holidays. totally fab web site.

Now the answer!

Dear Jane

I have really been giving your question a lot of thought! Boys are such a hard one to think for on a creative front, I am lucky I just have one daughter, give her a glue stick, a bucket full of paper and embellishments and she will create a mess that will take a week to clean (unfortunatly very little works of art are created in this exercise!)

I have come to the conclusion that this blog  may not be enough for all the idea i have so i will start a new one! one designed just for occupying those kids! I will post ideas, photos and even a few videos for them to follow! I also thought a fun thing to add to this maybe to have some competitions or more importantly a gallery to show off their creations.  I will start posting as soon as I collect my guinea pig from school and make her make things for me to take photos of (who says child labour is wrong! lol)

Please keep sending me your questions and hope i can provide a little help.

Jen xx

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Recycling challenge~ plastic bottle braclet!

Recycling Challenge ~  recycled plastic braclet! in PINK!!!!!

Yet another one, have def used up my one milk bottle now and had to move onto another one! am really pleased with the result.  all I need is a blue one and i think i will have one to go with most outfits! possibly! lol

Saturday, 16 July 2011

recycling challenge! yet more!

Recycling challenge! another addition!

Well I thought I would have another go at the bottle braclet! I needed to perfect my bead making skills and actually found a really successful way to make a bead which looks even pretty much all the way round! I am so pleased with it! My plan was to make a pink and black one but the purple just lept into my hand so purple is what I did! I shall be off into town soon and shall test it out for compfort! I added a few extra charms onto this braclet to make it more exciting and varied!

Really must think about earring options I think!

Hope you like!

Jen x

Recycling challenge ~ task 3 ...plastic bag!

Recycling challenge!
Hi Bloggers, well here is my latest piece from my pile of recycling! a plastic bag necklace.  The petals actually feel almost leather like, very strange!

Still it is lovely and really pleased with it!

I have added a few beads to space the pieces out, I think I will need to come up with some more designs and maybe even do more shopping to get some different coloured plastic bags .... mmmm is it still recycling if i am shopping for a free bag??? and how much can I justify spending to get this bag???? oh the sacrifices I must make for my art!!!!

I shall keep you posted! this bag was from superdrug! I shall investigate more and let you all know!

Jen xx

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Recycling challenge ~ task 2 complete!

Recycling challenge ~ task 2 complete!
Well here is my next creation made from my recycling! A milk blttle braclet! I have worn it all day just to see how it feels and it is great, light weight, and also make a lovely noise as the charms bump against each other! I will need to do some work on perfecting each charm but so far am really pleased! What do you guys think??????

Monday, 11 July 2011

Recycling challenge! task 1 complete!!!!!

Well here it is bloggers! The first part of my challenge is now complete! (I am so excited!) this necklace was made using the biscuit and tea bag boxes, I have added a few extra beads and findings! but nothing extravigant! infact they are mostly beads left over from other projects!
Hope you like!
On to task 2 now!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Flower chain necklace

Here is my latest offering! As I was out and about yesterday I noticed all the beautiful wild flowers on the verges! At the moment they are stunning yellow little flowers and such a pleasure to see. These delicate blooms got me thinking about my favorite wild flowers, the daisy! I used to love making daisy chains as a child (something I have never really grown out of!)
As my mind digressed further (a very common problem I have!!!) I began to wonder what a daisy chain would be like made from wire and flower beads! Unfortunatly I didn't have any daisy like flowers but these tiny beads were so delicate and I had been waiting for any excuse to use them! so here they are!
I am test driving this necklace today! just to make sure it is comfortable! it is so light and sits really well around the neck, I was a little worried that each chain section wouldspin around but it doesn't! I am so incredibly pleased!
I will now be wearing my own little daisy chain today! Something to remind me of my favorite flowers. 'noone can be uncheered by a daisy!'
Jen x

Recycling challenge! Underway!

Morning Bloggers! I am all excited! the varnish is dry and so part 1 of task one is complete! yeah! I have made these really lovely beads now all that is left to do is to make them into some jewellery! Will update once I have finished!!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Recycling challenge!

I have set myself a small challenge! here is a selection of some recycling I have! but rather than throw them to the recycling demons I have decided to try to be creative and make some wonderful jewellery! (failing that I guess I will have created a more exticing montage to feed the recycling men!)
Well idea 1, create a necklace using the cardboard boxes, I will of course need a few extra materials, in this case some old scraps of scrapbook paper and varnish and whatever fastening and threading materials I decide to use!
Idea 2 to create a milk bottle braclet, I will again need more materials including lots of wire and some yummy coloured beads!
Idea 3 make a pendant using the plastic bag! This one should be fun! if all goes well it should look fab!!!! and very pink!!
Idea 4??? ah well i guess it will be take whatever may be left over and create a work of are fit for royalty! (slight over exageration me feels! but wise to aim high!)
I will keep you updated with how it is going! if you wish to see any short titbits as to my progress then you could always follow me on Twitter!!! @bouncytigglet
Bye for now all you crafty people!!!
Jen x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Handbag tutorial

Hey there crafty people! I am afraid the quality of this video isn't very good, I think I need a new camera! still I hope it is helpful and shows you how easy it is to make one of these fantastic bags!!!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Gorgous paper bags!

I love these little bags! the time is coming to make some gifts for my daughters teachers to say thank you! These bags make fantastic presents, especially when filled full of yummy chocolates!!!
These little handbags are slightly different from many tutorials purly as they don't open out to a flat piece of paper, instead these remain a container, perfect for storing all sorts of wonderful treats!
These bags can be made in all sorts of sizes, although beware bigger ones will need strengthening.
Will post pics as soon as I have made the thank you ones! may even post a tutorial if anyone is interested!
Jen x

Sunday, 3 July 2011

My Henley Regatta Inspired Jewellery

Recently I have been finding my creative flair once more. Maybe it's the sunshine and longer days, or maybe it has something to do with all the free time I have recently found myself with. For whatever reason long may it last!

My latest creations have been jewellery related. Yesterday I had the privilege of being invited to Henley to watch the boat races and drink copious amounts of champagne! I spent ages choosing the right outfit but the most important thing was the jewellery! (of course!!!) So with a brand new excuse to visit my local beading shop I went outfit in hand to match colours!

My local bead shop (Half Moon Beads, Poundbury, Dorchester) is a new shop offering a feast of wonderous beads and jewellery accessories. I frequent this shop far too often and am buzzing with excitment the second I walk through door, even if I am armed with nothing more than £3 I always leave with a bag of goodies! Last Wednesday was no exception!

After eventually returning home I tipped my bag of goodies onto my beading mat and sat in awe at the lucious colours!

I sat for some time beading my flowers onto head pins, matching beads and preparing them for the final threading!

At the moment I take great delight in making charm like braclets and necklaces, I love the movement in each piece and the subtil sounds they make as you move. These pictures show the finished pieces, they matched beautifully and totally tied my entire outfit together! All I can say is that although we moored opposite the royal enclosure I was distinctly disapointed that whomever the royal of the day was did not come out demanding I make them a whole collection! Still I took great pride in wearing my creations. I hope you like them too.

If anyone is interested I will make a short video tutorial to show how to make the bead charms which go into making these pieces.