Monday, 18 July 2011

Dear Miss Crafty!

Hi there Bloggers and my wonderful email supporters! I have recieved a couple of emails which are to be shared! so modesty in hand here is the first one!!! (or rather this is the last one I got! there is method in my madness honestly!)

Dear miss crafty
Your items are fantastic and so well made, did you know that your blogs always come thru at 3 30am! I usless fact but I thought most interesting.
keep up good crafting ideas! Jane

Dear Jane!
I would like to say I am up at 3.30 making all sorts of creations and posting them on blogger But ... I am fast asleep! I am far from creative if I get no sleep, infact I am extremily uncreative and zombie like! but I am incredibly glad the email subscription gadget works!!!!!
I am thrilled you love my makes! Thank you so much for your support!
Happy crafting! Jen xxx

The First email I got from the lovely Jane is something which has provoked a lot of thought! even as I have been pootling round the countryside today my inspiration has been whiring at a tremendous pace!  first off here is the email!!!!

Dear all things crafty
Please could you help me? I need some ideas for affordable crafting fun for two ten year old boys during the holidays. totally fab web site.

Now the answer!

Dear Jane

I have really been giving your question a lot of thought! Boys are such a hard one to think for on a creative front, I am lucky I just have one daughter, give her a glue stick, a bucket full of paper and embellishments and she will create a mess that will take a week to clean (unfortunatly very little works of art are created in this exercise!)

I have come to the conclusion that this blog  may not be enough for all the idea i have so i will start a new one! one designed just for occupying those kids! I will post ideas, photos and even a few videos for them to follow! I also thought a fun thing to add to this maybe to have some competitions or more importantly a gallery to show off their creations.  I will start posting as soon as I collect my guinea pig from school and make her make things for me to take photos of (who says child labour is wrong! lol)

Please keep sending me your questions and hope i can provide a little help.

Jen xx

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