Thursday, 7 July 2011

Recycling challenge!

I have set myself a small challenge! here is a selection of some recycling I have! but rather than throw them to the recycling demons I have decided to try to be creative and make some wonderful jewellery! (failing that I guess I will have created a more exticing montage to feed the recycling men!)
Well idea 1, create a necklace using the cardboard boxes, I will of course need a few extra materials, in this case some old scraps of scrapbook paper and varnish and whatever fastening and threading materials I decide to use!
Idea 2 to create a milk bottle braclet, I will again need more materials including lots of wire and some yummy coloured beads!
Idea 3 make a pendant using the plastic bag! This one should be fun! if all goes well it should look fab!!!! and very pink!!
Idea 4??? ah well i guess it will be take whatever may be left over and create a work of are fit for royalty! (slight over exageration me feels! but wise to aim high!)
I will keep you updated with how it is going! if you wish to see any short titbits as to my progress then you could always follow me on Twitter!!! @bouncytigglet
Bye for now all you crafty people!!!
Jen x

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