Friday, 8 July 2011

Flower chain necklace

Here is my latest offering! As I was out and about yesterday I noticed all the beautiful wild flowers on the verges! At the moment they are stunning yellow little flowers and such a pleasure to see. These delicate blooms got me thinking about my favorite wild flowers, the daisy! I used to love making daisy chains as a child (something I have never really grown out of!)
As my mind digressed further (a very common problem I have!!!) I began to wonder what a daisy chain would be like made from wire and flower beads! Unfortunatly I didn't have any daisy like flowers but these tiny beads were so delicate and I had been waiting for any excuse to use them! so here they are!
I am test driving this necklace today! just to make sure it is comfortable! it is so light and sits really well around the neck, I was a little worried that each chain section wouldspin around but it doesn't! I am so incredibly pleased!
I will now be wearing my own little daisy chain today! Something to remind me of my favorite flowers. 'noone can be uncheered by a daisy!'
Jen x

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