Saturday, 16 July 2011

Recycling challenge ~ task 3 ...plastic bag!

Recycling challenge!
Hi Bloggers, well here is my latest piece from my pile of recycling! a plastic bag necklace.  The petals actually feel almost leather like, very strange!

Still it is lovely and really pleased with it!

I have added a few beads to space the pieces out, I think I will need to come up with some more designs and maybe even do more shopping to get some different coloured plastic bags .... mmmm is it still recycling if i am shopping for a free bag??? and how much can I justify spending to get this bag???? oh the sacrifices I must make for my art!!!!

I shall keep you posted! this bag was from superdrug! I shall investigate more and let you all know!

Jen xx


  1. the Jewellery you have been making is really good I think I might make some over the holidays. xx

  2. Saving the environment one necklace at a time!! I am sure you will make something lovely. xx