Saturday, 6 August 2011

Upcycled plastic bags

This totally yummy necklace is made from upcycling plastic carrier bags! I am so thrilled with it.  The only problem I see is that coloured bags aren't that easy to come by and surly it contradicts the whole idea of recycling if you buy a product purly to get the bag!  All the same I shall appriciate this one and make the most out of the bags I have! (no one would really want an upcycled tesco carrier bag draped round their neck!!! lol I think I must do some intensive research in order to find a way to make some carrier bags more attractive!)

I have also done yet another bottle braclet! this one in grey and black is great, something which will go with anything!!!


  1. Wow they are amazing, would never have guessed that they are made from carrier bags. So clever!
    Lynsey W

  2. Those plastic bags really can have many uses! They may not carry your shopping in now, but they will make you look good while you are walking around the shop!