Saturday, 20 August 2011

I am now a published author! Yeah!!!

I am so unbelievably excitied!!! I have eventually managed to get a 10 year project realised and now I have a book published! It may be self published  but I can still physically hold it! yeah! I have also begun the process of getting it available to buy by download for the kindle which is doubly exciting!
If you lovely followers wish to buy a copy I have posted a link for Lulu, but to warn postage costs are large so you could always message me and I can get a little cheaper! Lulu is also offering a 25% discount on my book at the mo so that's good!
Here is a brief synopsis ~

‘The Tunnels of Beldgare’ is a comic fantasy about a young girl called Anna.  Anna is an Outie, a social outcast, born into a world of lawlessness and torrential weather, and into a house with her obsessive mother and annoying brother.
Once a year, Outies can visit the main city to find employment, their only escape from their underprivileged life.  Here Anna encounters a mysterious woman who gives her a strange casket.  She also meets a boy called Hobbs, an unsuccessful magik and mildly useless thief, and adopts a downsized, temperamental dragon called Blinkin.  Between them they stumble upon a snoring door, the doorway to the tunnels of Beldgare.

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  1. It seems the lulu link may not show the book yet, these things take time! I am far too impatient tho! lol