Thursday, 14 November 2013

Story Stones

I know that it is nearly Christmas, my craft room would testify to this! Hoever I have been making a few non Christmassy items for friends which are prooving to be a great success and are great for presents.

Once Upon a Story Stone ~ £25
I am currently selling these on Etsy.  They are a set of 12 double sided stones.  All handdrawn and designed by myself each stone is varnished several times in order to make them as durable as possible and to avoid damage while they are in their custome made bag.  Each imagae has some sort of relation to the image on the reverse side.  There is also a book with instructions and ideas for ways to use them with children or adults, large groups or small!   

Once Upon a Story Stone ... The Gruffalo
These stones aren't for sale but been given as gifts.  Mainly due to copyright issues as they are so similar to the original images so not quite sure where I would stand on this front! But thought I would share them anyway!

Once Upon a Story Stone ... Room on the Broom
Again these were a gift but I was so please with the finished result!

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