Sunday, 3 July 2011

My Henley Regatta Inspired Jewellery

Recently I have been finding my creative flair once more. Maybe it's the sunshine and longer days, or maybe it has something to do with all the free time I have recently found myself with. For whatever reason long may it last!

My latest creations have been jewellery related. Yesterday I had the privilege of being invited to Henley to watch the boat races and drink copious amounts of champagne! I spent ages choosing the right outfit but the most important thing was the jewellery! (of course!!!) So with a brand new excuse to visit my local beading shop I went outfit in hand to match colours!

My local bead shop (Half Moon Beads, Poundbury, Dorchester) is a new shop offering a feast of wonderous beads and jewellery accessories. I frequent this shop far too often and am buzzing with excitment the second I walk through door, even if I am armed with nothing more than £3 I always leave with a bag of goodies! Last Wednesday was no exception!

After eventually returning home I tipped my bag of goodies onto my beading mat and sat in awe at the lucious colours!

I sat for some time beading my flowers onto head pins, matching beads and preparing them for the final threading!

At the moment I take great delight in making charm like braclets and necklaces, I love the movement in each piece and the subtil sounds they make as you move. These pictures show the finished pieces, they matched beautifully and totally tied my entire outfit together! All I can say is that although we moored opposite the royal enclosure I was distinctly disapointed that whomever the royal of the day was did not come out demanding I make them a whole collection! Still I took great pride in wearing my creations. I hope you like them too.

If anyone is interested I will make a short video tutorial to show how to make the bead charms which go into making these pieces.

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