Monday, 4 February 2013

Some upcycling and a bit of a quill.

Good morning to you all, Hope the sun is shining where you are, it keeps coming and going but at least it is dry, such a welcome change!

Well what a weekend, I have managed a little crafty shop, some crafting and a session of ice skating (I know a totally random selection!)  I was so relieved to have survived the skate in on piece as well as not falling once! My daughter however was so excited at the prospect of me falling over, I almost felt guilty for not damaging myself!  What a mean mummy I am for not falling over and breaking down in spontaneous floods of tears!  Fortunately (or not depending on your point of view) there is no photographic evidence of my ice skating skills!

I will have to settle for posting pics of my latest makes.
This first one is a notebook cover I made for one of my closest friends, hopefully she won't see this before I get a chance to give it to her!

This cover has been made from upcycled fabrics so ultra eco friendly!  As you can see in the top picture the notebook stays together with a button (or two! I like layering my buttons)  there is enough give for her to stuff all sorts of extra bits of paper in.  The bottom pic shows the inside, the cover can be slipped on and off so when her notebook is full she can just whip it out and pop another one inside! she could also use it to put a reading book inside as long as the dimensions are the same!!

Project number 2 this week was a decorative quilled letter F, I had seen many images on Pinterest of similar letters and thought I would give it a try, I used to quill so much when I was younger and my first business was selling quilled cards when I was 10!  I haven't picked up a quilling tool for years so was a learning experience all over again!

I didn't use a pattern but I do love the effect!  The hardest part and strangely enough the thing that took hours to sort was the initial shape of the letter.  Filling in with coils and pegs wasn't too time consuming, only a couple of hours!  I am hoping to work my way through the alphabet eventually.


  1. Wow your quilling is amazing well done I've never tried it myself may just have to give it a go.

  2. I like the quilling. You don't see much of it around, but maybe I have not been looking in the right places. I had a go at quilling with my school craft club, who found it quite hard.

  3. Hmmm I haven't done quilling since I was a girl either. May have to revisit it although I am not sure that I could reproduce something of your quality. I love the notebook cover - I am sure that it will be gratefully received.

  4. The letter is great, I love the combination of colours you have used.

  5. Thanks so much everyone. I haven't quilled for such a long time, I even tried to teach my daughter recently but the wonderful world that is Pinterest rekindled my passion. I loved the letters I had seen done, I think I still need to work greatly on my technique but so chuffed all the same. I hope she likes them too.

  6. I have never tried quilling, but it looks very effective. I like the colours too. I'm sure the notebook cover will prove popular. It's lovely.
    Wendy x

  7. OO, i do like the look of quilling. Nice job

  8. I used to quill little birds on gift tags but I've not done anything larger, your letter looks wonderful.

    Jan x

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  10. Fab notebook cover - lucky friend! A good thing you didn't fall over ice-skating, my husband did with my daughter and broke his elbow! Have a good week-end, Jo x

  11. Quilling is just so easy, although that said there is some amazing quilling out there now which makes mine look very poor! I am going to have to keep practising I think.
    Well the proof will be in the pudding tomorrow as she will hopefully get it then! will keep you posted!

    Hope you are all having a fab week, I have at least 2 more quilled letters to do and have been totally inspired by a kids program...will keep you posted!!


  12. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog.