Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New Makes

I haven't stopped!!!!!


I have been busy crafting as and when I have been able to, what with a baby to look after as well! I have managed a few bits and bobs as birthday presents so thought I would share some of my latest things!

A new style plastic bottle bracelet, the beads look a little like roses and like the other upcycled plastic bottle pieces I make the colours are easy to customise! I particularly liked these colours and felt they suited my friend just right.  Hope you like.

This Peg bag is made from water resistant material and with the flap that can be pulled down your pegs won't get wet and rust if they are caught short in a little rain!  This was really just an experiment, the design criteria was to use fabric a little like Cath Kidston fabric but to be better proportioned to hers and to also be resistant to sitting in the rain occasionally! This one seemed to do it and was v successful!

Heart Bunting.  I love this! each heart is made from upcycled cereal boxes and then covered in scrap papers.

This Quilled J is using thinker papers than my previous experiments, it worked far better in that it was more solid but due to the larger paper it didn't work well with a tighter pattern like my other designs.  That said however, I think I may try an ornate one with the 10mm paper next time.

Quilled B, this is using 3mm quilled paper in a variety of blues, I used 5mm papers around the edges to form the template but all the rest are narrower.  It worked well I think although I do find that the paper buckles a little sometimes and it is hard to make a straight line look truly straight!

Cake Pops!   MMMMMMMMMMM  a commission for a birthday party.  I made these ones with a proper cake pop mold, they were very yummy although I think I may prefer my other, denser recipe with out using the mold.  Advantage of the molds however is that they always come out round...ish! and they are a lot lighter for decorating.

I have done a few other bits as well but just can't find the photos anywhere! Oh well that will give me something to post next time!


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