Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Latest crafty endeavours!

Well the creative juices have been flowing in our house today and being that it is the school holidays I have had a very willing assistant.  Today's task was to create as few different samples for upcoming workshops!  I think I have unleashed a demon in the process however.... paper creations everywhere!

Exploding Photo box

Inside the box are a selection of pages to flip forward and back, each containing photos or journalling.

6"x 6" variety boxes

Each of these three boxes are created using the same 6" x 6" card stock!  Just to show you the variety of sizes that can be created when you start with the same size card.

Small accordion photo box

Take off the lid ...

Open the sides to reveal two tabs ...

Pull them out to reveal an accordion photo album in each half!

There will be more coming soon I expect so keep checking back for more!!

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