Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Well hope you all had a great Christmas.  Didn't the time go quickly, amazing how time flies when you are busy stuffing your face with a wondrous assortment of goodies!

Well this year I have been turning my hand to a bit of illustrating, spending lots of time finishing a book project I started more than 6 years ago! I may even get it finished one day! lol The Characters of my book are a little girl, Pip  (not unlike my own little girl) and her dog, (she has a little toy dog) called custard.
Pip and Custard are going to get up to lots of adventures in order to help teach young children about all sorts of things. From safety with fireworks to how to cook a yummy cake!

I have also been busy trying to create cartoon strips with Pip and Custard.  Here are the first two, see what you think!!


  1. They are charming Jen. You have such a great eye for detail. Abi x

  2. Thanks Abi! I love them too. Just got to think of something else to do another one about! lol mind is unfortunately blank!

  3. How lovely, have you thought about using your characters in children's books?? I think there is a gap in the market children's basic safety e.g. what do i do with my dirty hands?, cake or fruit? stop look listen? etc (esp as a child minder)
    Just a thought. Lynsey x

  4. Well as it so happens these drawings are the characters for a series of preschool books I am writing! I will try to post a few sample pages on here and on
    Please feel free to friend Pip and Custard on Facebook.