Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Carrier bags bunting

Well what a wonderful change in the weather! The sun has inspired me to be all creative and here is my latest creation! Bunting...and what's more it is recycled from plastic carrier bags!!! I have used several different bags and created patterns using coloured bags.  Bonus to the plastic bunting is it doesn't matter if they get wet! I do suspect that the sun will eventually have the same effect on the colours as it does with bags left outside but only time will tell!

I wonder if you can guess which bags I used??
Here's a close up to help!


  1. I love this bunting and would love some in my garden, looking forward to you hopefully making some for me. So unique !!!
    Lynsey W

  2. I am collecting lovely colourful bags so hopefully some new bunting will be ready for you soon! xx