Monday, 3 September 2012

ReJenisis and the Bobs!

Well what a busy holiday! So sad all that creative time will be limited now as back to work! Still I have had fun! ReJenisis has become quite a thing! feel free to pop over to  to find out all the goodies I have been making.

The Recycled nature of the products I have created has really captured peoples attention and it is so lovely to have so many new fans who are enthused about the ethos of giving something recyclable a breath of new life!

ReJenisis also made it's first sales since opening it's virtual doors and that provided huge amounts of excitement! mainly involving me skipping around the house!

The next exciting bit of holiday news has to be the Bobs!!!

The Bob revolution has certainly taken over our house! What started as a fun summer holiday activity has evolved into something so much bigger! The Bobs have their own page on facebook, there are fab iconic pictures featuring some of the many unique Bobs ...

'Bobby Road'

'Bobs on a girder over London'

They have even starred in their own video!

Hope you enjoy!!!

Would be lovely if you pop over and say hi to the Bobs, they do get so lonely!! And if you feel in a kindly mood then why not rehome one of the little monsters!

There are even a few Christmassy ones ready to look fab on your Christmas tree!


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