Monday, 21 January 2013

Crafty Snowday!

Good afternoon ~ Hope you are all wrapped up warm out of the cold, I just can't believe how chilly it is out there, I think snow would be much more fun if a little more heat were involved and a lot less ice!  

It does make me laugh at how panicky people get when they think there is a chance they won't be able to get to the shops for a couple of days   Thursday night, on a quest for buy a few essentials, I stumbled into Tesco. I admit I had totally forgotten it was due to snow that eve, and although I had heard rumours I didn't really believe it would happen!  As I wandered the aisles I noticed how busy it was, there were far more staff out, filling the avenues of shelves with produce.  It took a while for the penny to drop as to why it was so busy, the SNOW!  Oh my word, the shop was heaving, people rushing around filling their trollies with necessities such as toilet rolls and beans.  The thing that made me laugh however amongst all the madness was that of all the things for people to feel essential to buy in such a situation were custard tarts! I mean honestly, have you ever been stuck in the house for a whole day and thought you were going to slit your wrists if you could't get your hands on a custard tart? Well??  I confess that I have never felt this worried, I have never felt the need  to sink my teeth into the custardy tart, in fact I have never really liked them.  A strange thing over came me all of a sudden, the immediate need to own a custard tart!  I must be missing out,  All those shoppers must know something I don't, Maybe they have healing or calming powers, maybe they de-ice your garden?  I will put it on my list the next time snow is forecast  Toilet rolls, beans and custard tarts!

We did get out and enjoy the snow, (without any custard tarts)  We even managed a walk through our local forest, it was so beautiful, and barely touched out there.  It was tremendously inspiring aswell!  

I managed a little crafting in between snowy adventures.  Here is a SnowBob!  He is so friendly and an awful lot warmer than a real snowman!!

I have also been busy creating AlphaBobs! They are learning to spell right now, here is a small band of Bobs who have managed to arrange themselves correctly without loosing their letters!

Believe me it took a long time to organise them!!!
If you would like to follow any Bob related news their facebook page is

My latest creative achievement however is this fab bag! I love it!  It is made from upcycling my daughters old jeans.  She grew out of them years ago and i saved them as I loved the decoration so much, so glad I did.  All the pockets are useable and it even has a large one inside.  The strap is extendable and even the buckles are recycled!



  1. The bag is fab as are you little Bobs :) Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. (The tip about Custard Tarts has been noted!)

  2. Thank you so much. yes you must keep up to date with the weather forecast so you can get your custard tarts in good time!! xx

  3. Oh and I love your blog, I have been having the same problems with my photographs this week, I have taken hundreds and none of them show my jewellery off well enough. xx

  4. Amazing bag, so practical as well as gorgeous!
    The bobs fitted in well to a very chilly few days, great job :) xLx

  5. Many thanks! The Bobs are generally a law unto themselves!!! xx