Thursday, 8 November 2012

Red Flower bag commission

Well nearly the end of yet another week and a week closer to my due date! arghhhhh!  Still managed to get a little crafting done this week!  Here is my latest bag, a commission for a very good friend.  

 This two tone flap over bag is so great! I am just so pleased!  The bag is all padded with adjustable straps and as always recycled from reusing fabric!  Even the buckles and buttons are recycled.

This is the inside, showing the pocket detail and the two tone effect with the fabric!

This is my second go at a flap over bag and I have been so pleased with the results.  The only thing I really need to combat now is the fastening, It really needs to be adjustable so it can fasten no matter how much is in the bag! That will have to be my mission for the day!

My main intention for this lovely Thursday is to relax and play with my new birthday present! a Sizzix! something I have had my eye on for years! I am so excited! I def need a slow day so a quite crafty one will be ideal!  I am sure I will post some more creations soon!


  1. I am so thrilled with this bag, it is perfect! From a brief chat about size and use you have created a beautiful and very practical bag. The two tone makes it even more unique and gorgeous and the adjustable strap means it fits my single and double pushchairs. You are a very talented lady. Thank you do much I love it. From Lynsey x x

  2. You are more than welcome! I am just thrilled it met all your needs and you love it so much! I must admit I fell in love with it too, really really pleased! xx